About Us


True Timeless Treasures

Thigpen Jewelers was established more than three decades ago as Wm Thigpen Jewelers, opening its doors at 442 North Wilmot in October of 1981. Since its inception, service and value have been the cornerstone of Thigpen Jewelers’ growth. To quote another successful entrepreneur, Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton: “There is only one boss…the CUSTOMER. He/She can fire anybody from the chairman on down, simply by spending their money somewhere else.” This Fall will begin our thirty fifth year at this location.

What does True mean?

Our staff has been thoroughly trained in all aspects of the jewelry trade, counting over 70 years of combined experience. This means you will receive knowledgeable advice whether you are buying a fine diamond, a precious gemstone or any of our specialized services. Beyond advice, you can be guaranteed that you are dealing with people who tell the truth, people who regard ethics as more important than making a sale. We are a family owned business that cares about people.

What does Timeless mean?

Because we offer classic styles conceived with thought for the future, your jewelry purchase will never go out of fashion. Our desire is for you to enjoy your purchase for a lifetime. We select superior products and take the necessary time to assemble your jewelry to have a timeless quality. When maintenance is necessary, we will be here to assure your purchases last a lifetime.
What does Treasures mean?

The nature of the products we sell is value. In most cases, the item you purchase today will only be worth more tomorrow. Fine jewelry, carefully purchased with professional help, can be worn and enjoyed for years and still maintain or increase in value. Treasures are possessions that become dearer to you as the years go by.

Thigpen Jewelers will work hard to earn your business by offering you, our customer, the very best. Whether we are repairing a priceless family heirloom or installing a battery in your child’s school watch, careful attention will be given to you and your purchase. Thigpen Jewelers offers a full range of first class jewelry services, including professionally prepared appraisals for insurance, estate or other purposes. Our staff includes a highly experienced bench jeweler capable of any task in karat gold or platinum. We offer confidential consultation on how and when to liquidate fine jewelry that has past its present usefulness. As a result of our years of experience, our quality and dedication to service, Thigpen Jewelers can offer you True…Timeless…Treasures.